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me. i like a man who isn't just about money, but you have that on your side for sure.i like a about money, but you have that on your si for sure. >> brian, c youccept amy baggage? well, amy, y are absolely rgeo and i'really gl i metyou. 's a lile d, but i tnk i can give you a cnce d i'm goi to ce youbagge.theyl enjoy o in beverlhills aus we'll s l ane you nt tie. >> i'm reay glad y acceped my baggage. >> i am, too. a ifou'reluck ma i'll show yomy bly bton ter.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a dry spell ends in the bay area. it has been a wet morning and it is not done yet. a li lookrom mnttamalpais where weould see snow frrie
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earlie >>et d -- getting to work has been tough wth many rain-relatedccidents o the freey with moret weaer t come. >>e go streo miknicco, our meteologi, with what he is tcking oliveoppler hd. >> lighto-morate rn, everne. here is liveoppler 7d zoomed in, san francisco,soutsan francisco, oaknd, down to yward, can yseeight green is lit rain and dark green is heavier, heade toward, say, half moon bay, and wehave scatted rain thats heavy toward fremont and the san ramon valley. the showers are moving from west to east with the entire storm moving to the south. thestea ather the noh bay but t rt ofs in the heart the bay and theouth bayre getng into the heavier rain so our storm highlights
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shers, tundersrms,nother .1" t25" iossibleand sow above 2,0 ft. hearme wther in t recast. >> a hollyfld has been checkingn probls an fed this rept. >> this sk,ame dwnn petama whichonvce a wan delay rand until later. >> stuck in the house because i have notanted to go out. aboutime to face the madness. >> she wasn't the lyne sticng cseo home. emoyeeat this cenr sait makefor a qetay. >> sws down our business. ats it. ople will not leave the house. hers, some peoe, they need this money. they com out rai orhine >> traic on01 slod t inhe not bay a peleealt th t wet weather butrks in te sb
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t toong, aelief to j who s a slesm has many sto in eay. >> aable to travel between the different stores. it has been no problem. traffic has been flowing well and i started in mill valley and i will fish in peluma. everyone was relied tofinay get some rn. january was e fifth drston rerd. >>e need t rai i' wateroof. >> beverly was disappointed. she just got home from a visit to the east coast and hoped f somearm california weather. >> not as bad as being back east but it could be better. i looked for warmer temperatures and i have to say the rain is good. we need it. >> cold and rain. we get a break. you can see hiway 101 is
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movi fne. we ha been tol mor wt weher yo ce. thank you. a woman eed up in the hospital after her truck overturned in sant rosa. it happened at petaluma hill road at 8:00 a.m.eather is believed a factor but the highway patrol is still investigating. here is what the storm looked like in the east bay: hail dropped along the boulevard in berkeley hills. th picture comg from 11-yeaold jamisooferkey. the weather ystem is leaving some snow in theierra, much eded snow. here is aive lookrom south laahoe came. alouof the skiersp there with lift chairs empty. fresh powder will still be coming. meteorologismike nicco sai the mouains wl geover a
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foot. chain requiremts are i effec on i-80 to donner lak with no chain restrictns on hghway50 right no ay with abc7 for contuing storm watch coverage. you can track the orm oine withive doler 7 at >> we have new video showin ean up effts after auge treeel ona he in a cona sta cmmunit o dbolo. a smal army of wrker mod i wi tools and a craneoemove e oak tree. rtionsf t 80re cer e house of this morning. crs frd at let two damed hicles from tess this is how it looks after diseed rooted toppled the tree. a neighbor said it sounded like an explosion. no one w ht. fro southn califora, fourpeop are de afte a aotic 25 mine shting spre inrange count
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vestigatorare stl trying topuzzletogethe th first shoing camearou 45 a wonaseportly sho in home. several otr cme scenes sttchealong te 55 frway. lice beliehe gunma sho seral people whiltrying t caack them a tned th gun on himlfwhen oicer had h suounded. the los angel police cief says review ofhe firg is underway of an ex-officern a kiing rampe but he says is t earlyto comme risther dorr's ce. >> ion't for a minute diount e effec th his manifes had on the reputation of los anles police department. it needs to be addressed. we are only asood a the blic thin were >>hehief saysheevie wi be made public. dorner claimed he was subjected toacism and tarted for rerting miscouct. the accuse cop ki are died of
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a self inflicted gunshot during a mountain cabin siege last week. >> in the last houhe san francisc gias and the mayor teamed up toake a mor annocement. newddition oming toth wate froouth of at&t park. cornlernard is live with th pls that a"brewing >> that is right. be. baseball. they go tother thshy pier 48 next to at park will be the new he to anchor brewg compa's new plt. e parership isetween te ants and th ci of n frcisc heres what it ll lk lik productionacilityitha big brewub restaurantnd mseum inside the 2,000 squarfoot building. anchor is the firsenant f the$1.6billio ssionock re-delopme proct alonghe wateront which culd brin 000 w jobshen it all ne. e hope is that anor
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faciliti could be a world-ass tois destination. >> we know there are a lot of businesses that would like to see the brewery but we are not gearedup. so w nted toake it aoast nation in nfransco. a st-seeattraction f locals. >> whether it is clothing or food, everyone is asking, what do you have made in san francisco because we want it in china, in india, in japan,n euro, because it means quality. >> anchor has been brewing beer in san francisco since 1896 and it will be the second facility in the cit aould quauple the output from 0,00 to 0,000 baels f bee the ojectcoul be ne by 20 16. >> stillhea tgh talk fr the president on looming
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automatic cuts. the message for congress ahead of the federal sequestration deadline. >> it isike a scene fr a llywood moe theargest diond heists in histo. a tearl court apprance r oscar pistoriu with diffeng [ fele announc ] this is a special meage from at&t. [ malennounc ] it's no secret at the pce of ings justeeps going up.
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>> arazecrime beium, arme masd mentole miions iamondsn e gges jewelreistsn eurean histor it hpene athe ussels inteatiol airport. liceay the masd m cut a hole in a surityence drove o the tarmndtole the gemsrom e hold of a sws-bound ple and are esmated eorth6 milliou.s. dolls. instigators found a burned out n believed used bitrobbers. th dionds were o theay to zurich. >>here anher jor deadne in waingt ijust te days. $85 billio in aumatiederal spenng cs will go into effe. present ama thisorni put essure on ngreiona reblicans to com uwith a ansaying theuts result in few are police, firefighters on the streets, reduced militar readiness, less border scurity drimina going freeecau feral prosecutors wl have clos ses. >>he cuts a n smart, fair,
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th will hurt or economy, they ll add hundredsf thousands of membe to th unemployment roles th isnot an extct. pele wil lose their jo. thenemployment rate could tick up again. >> the congress waout there to get theessage with wmakers on rcessothis are no negoations underway. abc7 ns anchor is traveling to washington dc, right now, for an interview with president obama. he will speak with the president athite house tomrow. thepos fro wasngton begin night at 5:00 right here on abc7 news. >> a lot of tears were shed in south africa today at oscar pistorius' bail hearing and at his girlfriend's funeral. the ade ruer isccused o premedated muer. therare sprising ne same >>e hear t different stories this morni about what happene inside osc pistorius' hou vantins da
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the dailser only vealed inetween brakes i the bail hearing. oscar pistorius broke down sobbing several times forcing thjudge to stop the precedings d tellim to cpose himsf. oscar ptorius sai he st hi girlfriend on accident, and these s filled with horror and fearwhen he realized whate had done. in a stemenread by the lawyerhe said that he didn't have on his prosthetic legs and he felt vulnerable and thought there was an intruder in the bathroom. >> i he never seen him show an angry sider lo h teer. it is jus he is incdibly kind and gentle and that is the way i know him. >> the prosecution says oscar pistorius took the time to put on his gs a walk 20 feet berepeni firen t loed bathrm doo andhey queson how oar pistius cod have bee surpred when rea steenkamp arivedt house hos earlr withhervernht bag d anoth direpanc oscapistius saysfter t shooti, he put on the legsnd tried to kick down the bathom
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do but wsh- bhedit i th abat th multiple rorts sayingt was coved th blood. eva steenkp waslaid rest while was bbing in cot. fac is msing inside a pele that she knew. th space cannotbeilled. weill ep all t positive things we remember an kow out siste we a famy. >> abc is reporting steroids re found in his home and they are testing had his bldor erug that canause aggrsive ge. >> our metrologist, mike nicco, busy morning. >> raiout there ad muc neededrain thelast te w d rain was january 24. not wod bater but heing
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out e cse sce i has been ry. he are th mulplayers of clou keeng ortemperates in the mid-4s to low 50' a theyreot troug yet. i wi show you wereheain is now d where it will move for the afternoon and evening plans. >> and the stir being cause by roya mom to b
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>> benicia, saramo san mateo and all theay area this is abc7 nws >> ke ddleton made the first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy but it is what ople don't sayhat has everyone talking. th is supsed to behe dutch et ceta dchess revling the bum me havsaid its more like a ipt thi point. hover, the ral wahers are aexcit abou the first appearan of the yearnd lond says the ral by is duen jul. >>hat howi ok aft a sawich. she is a thi dy. have "blips" on e rar. washelowing? when my wife was pregnant she was glowing. wonderful. glowing outside, lights, you need the headlights, blips on the radar, we have it. a storm watch. not the biggest storm but it is onthat we have not had in a
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whil 3 1 or four wee sie hav had goodain. u lo ative doler 7 hd , we will srt in the east bay, i want to showou the back edge of the steady rain passing by berkey and oakla an to waut creek and the san ramon lley you can see the blip in pink and that was mnt difficult an -- mount diabolo snowing. the dry line is moving through safrancisco and daly city to samateo btere ishe san mateo brid. you can see it is still raining righthire. the next ten minutes or so that ll taper, a dowin the south y you ca se acro the mbarn bridg and, 237, we ha a crease inain head to teou by, ght--modate ra,nd he is 87 right now you can see the avy rain fal heron
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87ear thehark tnk se carel inhe sohay. you getting the heaviest rai now and for the next hour. you can see the snow working toward the sierra, with winter advisory until 10:00ith a foot knownd aow comi in behi theystem bringing thunderstorms with small hail in the evening an overnight and mostly over the ocean. we will go from a steady rain to scatter showered, and measurab snow to around 2,500'andtch i t 5" posble, and a coupl inches are possible, a we ll have clearing and th air is so cold, ps pets and plants,u need protect them. eowsill ide over the errao we wll hea bst of snow inhe aternnnd eving and bend the fro we have colder, dry air for tonight. co front cominghrough de owedou the bk eef te
11:54 am
pripitation ning up wi the coldront and we me through the afternoon hours andou c se showers become more scattere d that is whenhe snow level srts to drodown heres the low, y c see i slidin oer the ocean where the eatest inabilit i tight but it could veerver o higher elevations so because the bulk is over the ocean does not mean we cannot ge i ov land if you arheail tonight that is a storm pasngby. tomorr, we are mostl clea and fezing cold escially inland valleys and we will have partly cloudy conditions headed into the afterno hours. tomorrow night, mnly cle again nd pbabl frty ld again,heck ou the mperates tight, lk a e w 30's inland and mid-'s low 40'sround the bay. e seven-day outlook shows temperatures stuck in the 40's to low 50's today and we will get near 60 tomorrow a thursday a friy an sturday away from the cotweill
11:55 am
hover around 60 with a warming trend sunday and monday. it will be close to us tursday through sunday but most of the precipitation will fall indaho and uahnd nevada ande will miss out. this is as much as w will t. >> we witake it. >>reat timg, thescars are a fe days awa and abc7s the only place to wat the oars on sday withllhetarlets and thr wns so warmeather goo r coverage bens at:00 p.m. andyouan cuntdown wiur offial oscspp th back stage pass gingest access with adoze came seaming video from behind-thscen by doloading cars available for ione,pad did an kind fire >> bigda for "go morni america"nd the entire abc news family tomorrow. robin rober runs to the ancr desk tomorw mornin e has been goneor six mont afterndering bone mrrow
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transplant. we h a look at how ss preping to come back this rning on "od morning americ and you can wahher returnomorrow a:00 am. afr o moing ne. next, rdleor all of you pares, a new mom gives birth to fo bouncing baby boys but theyare not quauplets what? >> uner and americandol star lobsteest is t king ofll pmotion
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>> at 3:00 on "katie "identity biggest names in music and then tric tha eard hrse houdi ni and people who never touch alcohol or drugs could have a false tes >> and a woman gave set to two eightal twins on the same day with no fertility drugs. they grew in pairs in two separate placentas and were delired healthy b cection onvaleine' day. e odds are one 70 mlion. >> buy lttery ticke.

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